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Close-Up Magic


Ian’s unique brand of close-up magic can add an extra special touch in many different

settings, including:-


Weddings - there are often periods of 'down time' during a wedding day, for example between the meal and speeches.  Ian will entertain your guests, small groups at a time, either at tables or in a 'strolling' situation, mingling among them and interacting with them using amazing close-up magic.  This is becoming a very popular choice for weddings, as it is an ideal form of intimate entertainment, providing a focus for your guests at appropriate times of the day. 

Restaurants - to have a magician spend time with guests at their table, at no cost to them, adds fantastic value to the customer experience and can give your venue the edge, leaving the customer with a lasting memory of a great evening out.

Parties - whatever the occasion - birthday, anniversary, engagement, to give a few examples - a close-up magician will add a unique talking point, and will help to make any occasion special.


Corporate - close-up magic can provide a welcome diversion from the business of the day at conferences or other corporate events.


These are just a few examples of where this form of intimate entertainment is ideally suited.  Just get in touch and Ian will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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